• Emerging economies

    The world’s attention is now turned to South America!

    A combination of careful management, free markets and favorable global conditions has produced good results for the South America countries. Brazil is the 6th biggest economy of the world, and has a place, together with Argentina and Mexico in G-20.

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  • Brand is image, while reputation is reality

    The consumers don’t want to be sold, they want to be told. In this century they have many tools to help them to find the information before buying decision. If a brand is well positioned it will find success.

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  • We Understand South America

    We are the only company in India that does PR exclusively for the South American Market and help our clients to position and build their brand in South America.

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Why do PR?

A sustained public relations program ensures the correct brand image and awareness in your marketplace, increasing credibility and trust in brand.

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Our Goals

To bridge the gap between the Indian companies and the South American market and Introduce or strengthen Brands to the South American consumer.

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Our Experience

5 years experience in Public Relations and marketing technology products in South America.

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Need for PR in South America – a relationship based economy

South America is being recognized as the emerging economy that everyone is looking at. Your strategy for South America is incomplete without focused PR and Brand Building customized for South American market. Envizon Boutique PR Services is your local partner that works closely with you and eliminates the challenges in marketing to a region diverse in language and culture and builds your brand with effective PR Strategy with a local factor.

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Best of Both Worlds

Our team consists of South American Journalists and PR Professionals based out of India that work closely with you to position your brand and minimize any loss of objectivity and maximizing your South American Market reach.


The Envizon Advantage

South America is one of the growing economies that the world is looking at that is largely untapped. We understand the market and have a team of professionals that understands and has experience with Public Relations in South America. We have a team that has over 5 years of experience in marketing technology products to South America. With our experience with Technology products, South American markets and being able to interact and work closely with our customers, we open up our customers to a huge and diverse market with a definitive edge.


Why Envizon Works?

We have a network of Local Expertise and PR that works to identify the right media and the strategy to enter a new and unique marketplace and expose you to new audiences with the correct positioning.

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