Why Us?

At Envizon Boutique PR Services for South America we integrate closely to understand your objectives and work on a progressive plan so that brand building works with the roadmap of your company.

We Understand Technology and we understand our clients Business Goals. We also have experience, knowledge and local expertise and have worked in the South American market for over 5 years. Equipped with the knowledge of the target market and the experience in Public Relations, we provide a niche service to our Clients by creating Brand Awareness in South America and opening up their products and services to a completely new and emerging Market.

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Why Envizon Works?


  • Our team consists of South American Journalists and PR Professionals based out of India.
  • Our team thoroughly understand your business and your company strategy for South America and works to identify the right media and the strategy for your company.
  • We understand and specialize in PR for technology products.
  • We excel at understanding your businesses, service and product so it can be best positioned in your target market.
  • We eliminate the need to engage with a Local PR Agency and provide PR Services at a more affordable cost.


Best of Both Worlds


  • We have a local Core team that understands your product and services closely.
  • Available with you in your local timezone to integrate with your business.
  • Eliminates demographic differences that may come in understanding business to the core.
  • We ensure that we have a local team that works with the South American local network minimizing any loss of objectivity and maximizing your South American Market reach.
  • Half a decade of experience in working in the South American Market.


The Envizon Advantage

South America is one of the growing economies that the world is looking at that is largely untapped. We minimize your barriers to entry which come across as really complex due to the remoteness, peculiarities of the region and culture and harnessing of local skills. There is a huge market that is waiting to be tapped. However companies face challenges in terms of language, local knowledge and local resources to be able to create the correct ecosystem for your brand and product.

We understand the South American Market and together with the knowledge and the local resources we bridge this gap and open our clients to a huge market.


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